Thursday 26 January 2006

XFN allows bloggers to do the Facebook style “how do you know X?” attribute while linking to the person.

The code to type is
a href=”http://jane-blog.example.org/” rel=”sweetheart date met” Jane /a

XFN outlines the relationships between individuals by defining a small set of values that describe personal relationships. In HTML and XHTML documents, these are given as values for the rel attribute on a hyperlink. XFN allows authors to indicate which of the weblogs they read belong to friends, whom they’ve physically met, and other personal relationships. Using XFN values, which can be listed in any order, people can humanize their blogrolls and links pages, both of which have become a common feature of weblogs.

It is also the hope of the authors that this practice becomes widespread enough to allow the creation of a service that charts personal (as opposed to purely mechanical) links between weblogs and the people responsible for them.

It seems that XFN does not do anything on its own. Instead, it will allow some spidering software to collect all this information and develop a social network by parsing the rel information from the links. See doc.

The spidering software that seems to be doing this right now needs to see that the page is XFN friendly. There’s a tag as well.
See here.

WP supports XFN.

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