Thursday 26 January 2006

FOAF is a way to describe people and relationships to computers. FOAF stands for Friend Of A Friend. FAQ.

At present the simplest way to create your first FOAF file is to visit either the FOAF-a-Matic or [WWW]FoaF Creator and fill out the forms provided. Both tools will generate a basic description for you that covers the most commonly used FOAF data items, i.e. who you are and who your friends are. ([WWW]FOAF-a-Matic uses JavaScript and HTML, whilst [WWW]FoaF Creator uses XForms.)

Once you make the document, copy the generated FOAF description from the text box above and paste it into a file. Put the file onto your website somewhere where it’s publically accessible, it’s a good idea to name this file “foaf.rdf” as then a google search can be used to help discover FOAF files across the web.

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