Access Grid Seminar Series

Thursday 9 February 2006

NCeSS Access Grid

ESRC and NCeSS funded the provision of 8 Access Grids (AGs) for social science departments across the UK over the past year. In order to demonstrate and to encourage the use of AGs, a social science seminar series to be delivered over AG has been devised. Seminars will be held every fortnight on a rotation basis at the eight institutions who received the AGs.

The first seminar in the series is being given on 16 February 2006 by Professor Noshir Contractor from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US.

Some of the confirmed presentations include:

From Disasters to WoW: Enabling Communities with Cyberinfrastructure
Biodiversity and the Bioeconomy
Why is so much research irrelevant?

Access Grid Seminar Series

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